Looking for old Patternform/moneyform cards

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Looking for old Patternform/moneyform cards

Postby martinkil » Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:05 am

Just had this question: are the patternform cards from the whole last month/s available?

Today's cards are http://www.patternform.co.uk/cards/2016/sep/y13sep16.htmand http://www.patternform.co.uk/cards/2016/sep/xy13sep16.htm

Last months cards for 10 aug are are - http://www.patternform.co.uk/cards/2016/aug/y10aug16.htm and http://www.patternform.co.uk/cards/2016/aug/xy10aug16.htm

So change the month bit twice and the day part and hay presto

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