Some explanations or help would be great

Let us know how you use Patterform to help newcomers
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Some explanations or help would be great

Postby Edasus » Thu Dec 29, 2016 6:19 pm

I haven't been using the site long and you wont have heard form me before. I hope someone could help me get my head around some of the form concepts that confuse me. I have punted since childhood and grew up close to horses, but never had much to do with handicaps. I am trying to grasp some basic concepts that don't make huge sense to me. Hopefully someone can explain?
1 Time/pace ratings when I see a rating of 50 for a and 52 for B what is this telling me? are they actual seconds to complete; a race, a similar/adjusted race, or are they calculated from lengths beaten and RP time etc? is there any warning about how the race was run? I just want to know how to use them.

2. The help files say that " Ran to" is a previously achieved OR and it is adjusted for weight carried etc, or word to that effect.
Why adjust it? how is the adjustment done? how do I therefore interpret a "ran to" figure?
e.g. If a young horse ran to 60 in April and ran to 80 in September after some growth and training etc are they not equal and comparable?

I hope these don't sound like stupid questions, but they seem to be begging answers in all kind of sites even the very swanky ones.
Thanks in advance if you can spare me some wisdom

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