Leaving a bit on the nose

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Leaving a bit on the nose

Postby martinkil » Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:19 pm

From the Patterform Facebook group:

Lee Thurston
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Hi all, just a quick question ...
When you say that you leave 'a little bit on the nose' when dobbing, so you get a little more profit if your selection wins, how do you actually do that? What does it mean?
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George Gianoncelli if you backed a horse for 10 pound you would normally lay at half the odds for 20 pound, if you wanted to leave some for the win you could lay for anything from 10 upwards, your stake would be returned so effectively its a free bet, or you could lay for say 15 and win your stake plus 5 and leave a fiver on for the win, or whatever permutation you like as long as you have recovered your stake.
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Drew Hazelton laying at slightly under half the odds pays more on the win than the dob
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Lee Thurston Thanks very much guys - makes perfect sense now.
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George Gianoncelli i think the most important thing lee is getting your stake out asap, after that you can do whatever you feel is right.
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Martin Kilgariff What I tend to do is be guided by the InPlay history on the moneyform card. If a runner trades 3.0 or lower in 5 of it's last 7 races (for instance) and is 10.0 today, then I sometimes backed it 10 and look to doubkle my stake at around 3.2'ish - then I would still have 3-4 times the stake left on the nose. You'll fail to get you stake back more often, but when the sel does win it's a nice little bonus
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