14th Jan. Kempton 15.15 + Warwick

Any comments on today's racing. Please don't just put in selections ... please add some reason why you think a runner will win
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14th Jan. Kempton 15.15 + Warwick

Postby philipg » Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:28 am

15.15 Kempton.
First things first we need to to trim this field down. We will use Patternform speeds chasing for the last 12 Months we will remove

Kruzhlilnin 35 Abricot De Loasis 39 Chill Factor 53. Turban 52 This leaves;

Sandy Beach. No Duffer. Volney D T. Our Kaempfer. Silver Grove. Carloswayback. All of these obtained a speed figure chasing of over 60.
Next we will postmark rate the remaining horses.
S.Beach 138 adjusted 153 No Duffer 148//154 Our Kaempfer 142//154 Silver Grove 108//XX eliminated Carloswayback 128//XX Eliminated.
Volney De Thaix 144//Topweight

Volnay De Thaix 74. 69.
Sandy Beach 65. 46.
No Duffer 65. 60.
Our Kaempfer 79. 77.

Now using ground filters Soft through to G/soft I will add these figures over the last 24 months Chasing and Hurdling. Best 2 figures above.
This now leaves us with 2 clear selections.
Our Kaempfer 79.77
Volnay De Thaix 74.69

The last filter 2 years 3miles-3miles 1furlong. We are now left with a clear selection OUR KAEMPFER 79. 75. Volnay has no rating.

Next we tackle the ridiculously tough 15.35. Let's slice and dice this Field. We are left with these after 12 month filter.

I will make 70 the cutoff speed rating. This leaves us with 10 horses. We need less so the next filter will be 3miles2f + distance, 70 is the cut. This trims 2 more we are now left with a managable 8 runners.
Shotgun Paddy. Doctor Harper. One for Arthur. Sego Success. Houblon Des Obeaux. Rigadin De Beauchene. Spooky Dooky.

We will now postmark these after adjusting horses must be 150+ to avoid the cut. This leaves us with only 3 horses

Dr Harper 156 One For Arthur 158 Sego Success 152

We will now filter ground sft -heavy this leaves 2 clear selections although that would be harsh to leave out Arthur...although he is on the cut list.

Dr Harper 88. 71
Sego Sucess 84. 81

One For Arthur 74. 70

I am glad I did not eliminate as the last filter is class 1 24 months. One horse stands above the other 2

ONE FOR ARTHUR 88. Sego came in with a 58 and Dr Harper came in with a very low 52

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Re: 14th Jan. Kempton 15.15 + Warwick

Postby tafflizgreg » Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:39 am

Thanks for that

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Re: 14th Jan. Kempton 15.15 + Warwick

Postby joeyholden18 » Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:45 pm

Quality race that, was on One for Arthur :D

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Re: 14th Jan. Kempton 15.15 + Warwick

Postby martinkil » Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:27 pm

Just the two races and two winners 5-1 and 14-1 - nicely done.

Although I think you short changed us by not finding us some forecasts!! :)

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Re: 14th Jan. Kempton 15.15 + Warwick

Postby tafflizgreg » Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:02 pm


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