Front runners on pace section question

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Front runners on pace section question

Postby swank197 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:58 am


I am newish to looking at B2L selections and have been looking at the pace section on the Patternform cards > Pace sections of the website.

I have a question regarding the list of numbers that accompany the overall rating.

I am wondering whether the far left of the list or the far right of the list are the most recent runs? I know the red figure is the overall pace rating (-9 being the best).

Yesterday for example, Custom Cut (pic attached)..its last three runs -9, -4, -8, or -6, -5, -9 ?

Does it actually make a difference when looking at selections? i.e. you would want the -9 ratings to be more prominent in latest runs or is that red -9 the most important factor?

Thank you if you can help me.
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Re: Front runners on pace section question

Postby martinkil » Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:16 am

First of all it's best to use the v3 pace page, since it's the only one under active development
In that one the left is the latest form
Pace goes from 1 - 9 where 1 is fast away /led early/etc - and 9 is held up,/ slow away
Most recent is usually the best indicator.
The red bar is a field size indicator - a long line means a big field - it's easier to lead a small field than a big field

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