Questions about using patternform

Let us know how you use Patterform to help newcomers
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Questions about using patternform

Postby positif4ik » Sun May 06, 2018 12:35 pm

I want to ask you about Patternform. I've used Patternform about month and I use some filters like Look back, going, class, and sometimes Race distance, course. I've found some interesting thing. The thing is I get a good percentage of win or place only on soft going, on other goings horses don't win or take a place. What's the reason? Doesn't Patternform have whole statistics on horses or there's lack of information?
What if I use moneyform+patternform together? Will it increase chances on winning or placing the horses? Maybe is moneyform used only for trading and not for bookmakers? How do you think about that? Am I right?

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Re: Questions about using patternform

Postby martinkil » Mon May 07, 2018 9:28 am

There is no right or wrong. Races are organic affairs which develop over time. If one or two runner go off like scalded cats, it's likely one of the hold up runners will win, but if a single runners gets an easy lead it may be able to hold on.
Patternform is only a tool. Just because a horse has run well on soft before doesn't mean it will run well on soft today if - it's a higher class race, the race shape is different, the race distance is different, it doesn't act on the course.

I like to us moneyform to find runners who usually trade low InPlay - because it means that other punters watched the race and thought that runner looked like it might win at some point, and then BACKED THAT VIEW WITH MONEY.

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