monday bets

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monday bets

Postby mattgiffin » Mon May 14, 2018 9:48 am

having a go over at ireland today

match race as in chase hurdle then top ran to over at kilarney

1) As You Were won 5/2
8) Eamon High 2nd 11/8
15) School Boy Hours lost

6) Voix Du Reve won 8/11

16) Internal Transfer lost
9) Ask Susan lost

12) Queen Khaleesi 3rd 4/1
4) Citizen Al won 10/1

1) Alisier D'Irlande 2nd 16/1
7) Jett lost

8) Auvergnat 3rd 2/1
4) Tulsa Jack lost
3) Some Neck lost

7) Black Benny lost

1) Churchtown Glen lost
2) Hotel Du Nord lost

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