1/8/2015 Silk Bow

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1/8/2015 Silk Bow

Postby Earlybird » Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:40 pm

2.50 Newmarket

Silk Bow Was really eye catching today, Taking a clear Solo Position on the Stands rail, this was a designed and clever move by joe Doyle which allowed her to race without any interference, and it was a move which paid some dividend, as she kept the clear lead until 3 furlongs out and i reckon she could have scraped a win if this had been 5f , especially with past form suggesting that 5 furlongs could be her optimum. i did notice her when she won a maiden at Chelmsford and was pondering if to notebook her then , but i didn’t and to some degree i’m sort of glad, as i may not have paid much attention to this run.. there are a couple of reasons for today in my mind and first up is that going handicapping may have done her the power of good as since her maiden win she was elevated to class 1 races still in maiden company and this Nursery Handicap brought her back down a notch to a class 2 as well as bringing her down to a workable 8st 2 lbs,, worth keeping an eye on her next deceleration for similar conditions at 5 furlongs

01 Aug 15- Newmk 6f Good -2yo Hcap -40K -8st-2lb -40/1 -5th of 20,Beaten 2.75L behind Holy Grail -Joe Doyle -rating 80 – class 2

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